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Salman Ansari is a chemist with an educational experience in basic scientific knowledge in school, kindergarten and adult education.

After more than three decades at the Odenwald he worked at the Kiel Institute for in the development of models and professionalized teacher behavior. For several years he also worked at the elementary level. He is a lecturer and author.

I'm not interested in rhetorical statements nor in speculations on how could be re-thought. I focus on how to make school better here and now.

The future of our children doesn't take place tomorrow. Human fantasy is unlimited. Also in terms of education. We ponder on education for more then one hundred years now, repetions being unavoidable. With incredible patience we are told that schools are ill. Sophisticated minds venture impressive anamnesis and manifold diagnosis. But we lack the tangible, applicable therapeutic measures. Therefore I'm concerned with ideas that could be applicable by every teacher.  I'm focused on how the existing resources can be made productive.

I am interested in models that can be implemented by every everywhere in every corner of the Republic, without additional funding. The only investment here would be that of rethinking. A change in thinking, which is able to foster a change of role, namely, from teacher to mentor. A role change that allows that we'll be taught by the children. There are endless ideas that are waiting for their spontaneous realization. There are ideas that reach every child, ideas that help childs to discover themselves.

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