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Salman Ansari

Salman Ansari is a chemist with an educational experience in teaching basic scientific knowledge in school, kindergarten and adult education. After more than three decades at the Odenwald School he worked at the Kiel Leibniz Institute for Science Education in the development of teaching models and professionalized teacher behavior. For several years he also worked […]


The Enigma of Science Education

Integrating Contemporary Research and Practice I initially started developing new ideas to cope with failure of students  simply from my own observation but soon discovered that there was  literature coming primarily from researchers in the field of cognitive science and cognitive development psychology that could help me to structure my ideas more effectively. Before presenting […]


Crossing Borders Of Perception

Reflections On Listening To Shahid Parvez The experience of complete silence prevailing for more than a few seconds is rare or almost inaccessible anywhere these days. We are constantly surrounded by artificial sounds. We have become used to being exposed to them without being aware of it. Natural sounds have become a thing of the past.